The interline, also known as interline and interline ticketing, is a voluntary commercial agreement between different airlines to treat passengers travelling on routes requiring several flights with several airlines. [1] Such agreements allow passengers to switch from one flight with one airline to another airline flight without having to pick up their baggage or re-register it. Airlines can also promise a free booking change if the service is interrupted due to a delay. Does Aer Lingus have an Interline agreement with United to transport the luggage to the final destination? If two airlines have an interline agreement, they usually take care of check-in and baggage for passengers on the other side. This means that travellers must check in only once for all flights on the itinerary and that their luggage will be delivered from the first airline to the second, without having to pick them up and hand them over manually. A code-sharing agreement does not allow airlines to coordinate on pricing and capacity. Don`t know the difference between codeshare and interline flights? Do you want to know how you check in, how much free baggage or other FAQs are available? Read Alternative Airlines` guide to code-sharing and interline flights. If two airlines enter into an interline agreement, that is the most fundamental form of partnership you will find. For the most part, it allows passengers to book by itineraries with fewer problems with several airlines than to book them individually. The Interline agreements were designed to provide comfort to customers who could only travel to their destination through two different airlines. The agreements include fares for which the two airlines agree to publish a tariff from origin to the final destination, and then distribute revenues internally among them.

The customer would not have to pay two fares based on each airline`s flight and could get a ticket with two flight segments. The agreement allows any airline to accept the ticket from the other airline and covers baggage transfer and liability. Freight shipments are often included in the agreements.