(a) This endorsement will pay the contractual fee, which will be fully terminated by cancellation s. – This letter is intended to inform you that, despite our constant complaints about the low quality surgical equipment received by your company, no action has been taken by your company to improve the quality of deliveries. That`s why we decided to terminate our business contract mentioned in “Ref.” (ii) subtract the amounts payable for completed items or work at the contract price or for the execution of subcontractors` termination proposals (except for comparisons that have not been approved by the government). The general contractor should also attempt to obtain letters from the owner or architect ordering the general contractor to remove the subcontractor. It should describe the problems the subcontractor poses to the project or the approval of the final subcontractor and the replacement subcontractor. (7) Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, the following rights and liabilities are reserved for the contracting parties: [the following list of rights and liabilities must cover those that should be reserved most frequently and which should be considered at the time of negotiation of a transaction contract (see points 49.109 to 2). The language proposed for items removed from the list may vary at the discretion of the contract agent. If accuracy or completeness can be obtained by reference to the number of a clause or provision of the contract covering the issue in question, follow this method of enumeration of rights and reserved commitments. Leave one of the following options and add additional exceptions or necessary reservations.] (g) the applicant`s experience with termination, including the processing of subcontractors` proposals. Please sign a copy of this letter and send it back to us within seven days of receipt. 5.

The Government undertakes to pay the subcontractor or its assignee, upon presentation of an invoice or a duly established invoice or voucher, the payment of the amount of the amount which represents, in full and in full, the payment by the holder of the part of its proposed settlement based on the termination of the subcontract referred to above, unless provided for in point b) (6) of this section , a complete and complete count, if provided for in point b) (6) of this section.