Before writing a full contract, perhaps with the help of a lawyer, you should define your goals and what you are willing to do with your client, as well as what you expect from the agreement, in a so-called memorandum of understanding. Once these basic tables have been defined and agreed by both parties, you can create a more comprehensive and detailed contract. Below are some standard clauses that are found in a typical agreement, but it should simply serve as a guide for understanding artist management contracts – that each situation is different, with its own unique circumstances. Some countries follow different sectoral practices. • Everything can be from six months to seven years. A typical approach to duration is to opt for a relatively long duration, for example 12 months, and leave the duration from this period, with 3 months` notice, for an indefinite period. On the other hand, since the beginning of an artist`s career is a time that requires the most attention, some managers feel safer with longer-term time and effort. In this version, this clause limits the manager`s participation in the artist`s career only to the artist`s activity in the music industry or to activities (such as merchandising and sponsorship) resulting directly from these musical activities. If you`re signing with a manager who presents themselves as an expert in music industry management, it`s a good idea to limit their participation in your career to their area of expertise.

Of course, if your career evolves in such a way as to involve the manager in areas outside his competence, he probably expects to receive his commission, but this agreement leaves you open to appointing different managers who are experts in their own field to deal with areas such as drama or non-musical writing. Hie has just started managing a group of emerging artists: “Are we on the same side?” The written document containing the artist management agreement should clearly indicate the roles played by each party in the artist-manager relationship. These include the specific commitments of the AIFM and the contributions to be made by the parties. Future conflicts will be avoided in the future by outlining the artist-manager relationship in the contract and indicating expectations in advance. Now that you know the different managers you will encounter in the entertainment industry, you can know important clauses that you can find in an artist management contract. Emerging artists should generally read before signing a contract to ensure they are protected and to consider their best interests. If you are about to sign a management contract, try to find these important clauses. If you find them, take the necessary steps to protect yourself. If you`re a classic rock enthusiast, you probably know Peter Grant. He was awarded the title of one of the greatest managers in the history of rock-n-roll after having succeeded in the musical career of one of the most legendary bands that has ever existed – Led Zeppelin.

We can conclude that behind a successful artist, there is a manager who works behind the scenes to advance and oversee the career of your favorite musician.