There are a lot of hugs and laughter that are shared today, but it wasn`t always so joyful. It was a year full of 20 long meetings for the group to reach a consensus on the department`s community policy agreement. The previous agreement last entered into force in 2005. The only change to this year`s agreement is that SROs are now classified in the Community Engagement Division. SROs have been around since 1992 in St. Cloud schools. While the agreement is documented on paper, community leaders say the most important part is the work devoted to building relationships. St. Cloud Police Chief William “Blair” Anderson said the outpost was part of his department`s years of efforts to get to know its community — and look beyond the plate when it comes to neighborhood involvement. “People have invested a lot of time and effort,” Oxton said. “And in the end, we had this agreement that we all signed to say, yes, we are committed to the work we have done here.” According to the U.S.

Department of Justice, “community policing emphasizes proactive problem solving in a systematic and routine manner. Instead of reacting to crimes after they appear, municipal police encourage authorities to proactively develop solutions to immediate underlying conditions that contribute to public safety issues. “At the time, 13 territorial organizations participated in the agreement. The agreement aims to show how inclusive and caring the Community can be. During our three years of existence, #unitecloud has interagulated many times with members of the SCPD. Let us be clear, we have not always agreed on everything. There are things we would like them to do differently, and there were things we wanted to do differently. What we`ve learned from these interactions is that we`re looking for the same thing – the safety of every member of our community, whether they live in St Cloud or come to town to work or play. But the Community and all the parties concerned must be prepared to come to the table and admit whether they have made a mistake. “Is this deal perfect? No,” Alberts said. “It`s better not to.” The basketball league at the end of the summer came together as Buddy King, a community activist who participated in a St. .