What do we know?

At We.lo™ we know that the small business deserves the same kind of attention as a large account. We know that the love and dedication put into small businesses is reflected in the goods and services they offer. We know our market and we know our skill sets. We know the fundamentals of good advertising, marketing, communication and technology. We know that good design leads to increased interest in a brand. We know that social media is ever-changing, but has established its importance in successfully running a business. We know that business owners are not looking for another advertising agency but, instead, a passionate partner vested in their success.

  • We know marketing, graphic design, social media, and communication.
  • We know that we want to be in business for ourselves.
  • We know that we want to help other small businesses succeed.
  • We know we’re willing to take on new challenges.
  • We know we are problem solvers.
  • We know we’re willing to continue learning.
  • We know we’re open to new concepts and ideas.
  • We know we’re willing to listen — we do not wait to speak.
  • We know the importance of a human connection.

How do we know that we know it?

We’re not in it for awards and accolades — we’re in this for results, to do the best we can — not only for ourselves, but, more importantly, for our clients. There is no such thing as perfection, but strive for it. We know we can always do better. We are passionate about the idea that healthy relationships breed success.

We.lo™ is a manifestation of our passion and creativity. We’ve been working in this industry for years. We understand the power behind good design and the importance a relationship can have on a business. We’ve seen it done wrong, and we have the power to change it.

And most importantly, we know that sometimes … we don’t know. (but we’re willing to learn)

Why are we doing this?

We want to be small business owners ourselves. We want to force a change on an industry that tends to — at best — tolerate the small business owner, fitting them in between larger “more important” accounts. We want to make Main Street the mainstream. If we are unable to do it internally, then we will start at the bottom.

— Charlie & Justin