Meet Charlie

Charlie has worked in the design and marketing industry for more than 15 years. He’s been a graphic designer, press operator, art director, creative director, account planner and digital media specialist.

Charlie currently holds the Digital Media & Design director position at the Iowa State Daily, the student newspaper at Iowa State University. After returning to school in 2001 for a journalism and communication degree, Charlie worked for the Daily as a student, and is now an adviser in his sixth year service. During his time at the Daily, Charlie worked within the editorial, creative, advertising and now digital media and design departments of the paper. This multi-faceted experience gives him a unique perspective into the entire publishing process on both the editorial and business sides.

He currently focuses his spare time researching the emerging trends and technology within the industry, finding valuable uses for niche website development, social media and inbound marketing strategies.

Besides his love for technology, Charlie also enjoys being an aspiring amateur gourmet and woodworker. He has also recently began collecting comic books on his iPad — again, it’s a technology thing. Charlie is also self-styled font snob, and will sever all ties with you if you recommend using papyruss.

Meet Justin

Justin is a recent Iowa State University graduate with a degree in advertising. Originally starting in the College of Design Justin switched to advertising and has never looked back. The marriage of good design and communication is something that rings true in him and is the reason for his love of the advertising industry.

Currently Justin is a graphic designer for Iowa Realty. His experiences include winning Silver in the Collegiate Effie Competition (nationwide marketing competition), graphic design work for the Iowa State Daily and various freelance projects.

Good design is the key to good communication and understanding that is the one message he wishes to bring to clients. Recently married he is a junkie for infographics, brochure design and the Art Deco movement.